Fraud Litigation

American-Investigative Specialists, Inc. provides the detection, prevention and testimony of Corporate, Financial, and Insurance Fraud to assist the legal, corporate, and Financial Institutions to discover and/or reduce fraudulent activity. Our firm handles the investigations and consultations of complex litigation and criminal case reviews on the following types of services.

Corporate Litigation
Fortune 500 Companies to Small Business Owners

Financial Litigation
Financial Institutions to Large/Small Investors

Insurance Litigation
High Risk Claims to Personal Injury/Workers Compensation Claims

Healthcare Litigation
Internal & External issues to Healthcare Providers






Our services include:
Investigations, Evaluations, Testimony
Prevention & Detection of Fraud
Complex Civil Litigation
Criminal Case Reviews

Due Diligence Examinations
Mergers and Acquisitions
Business Intelligence
Locating Hidden Assets
Fraud Determination
Witness Statements & Interviews

Fraud Litigation
Fraud Experts

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Fraud Consultants
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