Assets & Financial Evaluations

American-Investigative Specialists, Inc. specializes in assets and financial examinations for attorney clients, corporate officers, Investors, and private sector clients who have small business debts to million dollar awarded judgments.

AIS, Inc. can provide detailed background or financial information that you would need to reduce risk and make vital business decisions. We can locate hidden assets and evaluate the assets and liabilities of debtors so clients can make cost affective lending, assets recovery, and professional decisions in recovering assets from defaulted loan applicants and granting new loans.

Detailed factual information can make the difference between financial success or in-depth financial failure in your business relationships.







Our services include:
Locating Hidden Assets
Fraud Prevention & Detection
Due Diligence Evaluations
Corporate Intelligence Evaluations
Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
Pre Loan Evaluations & Post Loan Discovery

Assets & Financial Evaluations

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