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American-Investigative Specialists, Inc. specializes in Fraud investigation and Security Consulting Services for attorneys, corporate entities, and individual clients. Our services have been utilized in the most complex and demanding civil cases in the country. Our firm has been recognized in the legal and corporate communities for providing the most detailed and comprehensive investigative materials available in the private sector today. We examine, evaluate, and investigate a wide range of resources to assist our clients in making effective business decisions, and avoid unnecessary risks. AIS, Inc. has the experience and background to investigate your most complex issues.

We specialize in financial & assets investigations, corporate evaluations, locating hidden assets in the U.S. and Offshore, and due diligence evaluations. In addition, American-Investigative Specialists, Inc. provides security consulting and expert testimony on private investigative & Security Industry Standards and Procedures.

Ronald F. Worst, Fraud & Security ExpertOur founder, Ronald F. Worst, established the next generation of experts and consultants which meets the demands
of the legal, corporate, and financial communities in supporting the overwhelming need for litigation assistance, to support corporate/business relationships, and to provide investigative material to assist in successful decision making by financial providers and Investors.

Mr. Worst also is a speaker & educator in his field and has developed several programs in support of the Investigative and Security Industries. He provides public seminars for College Students, the general public in Community Education Centers, Paralegals, Private Investigators, and Security Consultants. In addition, Ronald F. Worst provides presentations for Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Professional Associations.


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